Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You flatter me, I like that in a person!

Ces, of Ces And Her Dishes has undertaken to spread the love in a big way! Ive come away with four awards! They couldnt have come at a better time to give me a shot in the arm, just when Im needing it, so THANK YOU CES!!!

And Im going to share them too! Now, those of you who are either a bit shy, or a bloke - well, you dont have to do anything with them....but if you fancy having a bit of a go - please do! Your names wouldnt appear below if I didnt appreciate something, or several things, about you and your blogs. Consider yourselves all Hugged! So there!


One Sweet Blog Award

Ces, KJ, Melanie, Merlin Princesse


A Perfect Blend of Friendship Award

Areeiro, Barkfoot, BetteJo, Ces, KJ, Young Werther


I Love Your Blog Award

Areeiro, Barkfoot, BetteJo, Ces, KJ, Melanie,
Merlin Princesse,
Sandy, Young Werther


Blogger Award for Amazing Friendship

Ces, KJ,
and even in absentia: Bird Anonymous


Be sure to visit Ces's blog, her illustrations will inspire you!


Ces Adorio said...

Hey, I did not mean for you to share them with me again but thank you. Arent' you going to post the 25 meme? Surely there are 25 things you want to share.

sandy said...

thanks! I got two from Ces. Made my day. But whether I can do anything with them is another story. I'm going to be pretty filled up this week with grandkids.

Lavender said...

Ces Doh! I knew I was forgetting something LOL Will work on that today....I know you didnt mean for me to return them - but how could I resist? Thank you for being so sweet!

Sandy No worries! Just enjoy - and Thanks for your support!

Young Werther said...

This has just made my day... year... century... and I'll be waring it with pride.

Thank you.

Melanie said...

I am so chuffed and feeling quite proud too. Thanks heaps matey.
Thank you:)

Anonymous said...

Oh Thank you! That is sweet! :-D! I'm very proud now! A big hug back! A.

BetteJo said...

You simply can't beat hugs/awards! Thank you Lavender, you're the best!

Lavender said...

Hooray!!! Happy People!!!

You are all so very welcome!

((((((Happy Dancing)))))

merlinprincesse said...

I want to thank my parents, for helping me all along. My sibling who have been so bad with me so I could forget all my problems only in virtual World. My agent, for never existing. All those who have bought my art...well....the one who has bought my art... and did not trow it in the bin. I also want to thank... WHAT? It's not the Oscars? Oups.... :P
Thanks, Lavender!

Lavender said...

MerlinPrincesse ROFL!! Well done and BRAVO!! Thats a beautiful acceptance speech, Bravo!!

Barkfoot said...

Thanks... I'm dusting off the mantelpiece to put them in pride of place!

Lavender said...

Barkfoot Cool! Wear them with pride Mate! :)