Monday, June 30, 2008

Doryanthes Excelsa: Gymea or Spear Lily, Part 3

This photo was taken on March 24th. Now we have a proper bud forming at the top of the spear. Notice my neighbor's rooftops in the background?


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thursday, June 19, 2008

grey gloomy winter so far...

Been sifting thru photos from before I went missing...lovely shots of sorta lost looking thru them all and had a brain cramp trying to pick one to share.

As now its winter here, it seemed odd to post warm summer shots, you know?

I traipsed around the backyard for you, and in the gloomy light got this somewhat moody shot of a mystery bird on the neighbors aerial. Tonnes more accurate!

Friday, June 13, 2008

--------(dial tone)--------

I cant say where Ive been, cause Im not sure where I was. In fact, actually, Iam not sure *I* got back at all.

Im different some how after these lost months. Perhaps most telling is that
I cant seem to find words (or ??? ones Im happy with using???) to describe it.

But on the bright side, when I couldnt get online your messages were read to me by The Most DH. And although there were a fair few spam messages in between (**), when he would read one from Bird Anonymous,
Barkfoot, BetteJo, Ces, or KJ...well, then Id feel pretty great for awhile. It was really nice to know that you all were out there thinking of me - a little thing like that can really keep a person afloat - and I Thank You very much for it. Inadequate words, but heartfelt.

So, what about the blog....well, lets just see what happens. There were a few birdy shots before things went off the rails, I will need to have a look at those over the weekend and see if that gets me going again...but I think it would be much more fun to visit blogs and see what youve all been up to lets get the kettle on!

** Anybody know how to get out of "Do Follow"???