Sunday, January 4, 2009


Oh Thank you Lori! Hooray!

As a special treat a larger version is available to view by clicking the photo above. I have compressed it as usual, (which degrades the quality quite a bit), but will take only about a minute to download instead of five or more. LOL. Personal use only, all rights reserved!


BetteJo said...


Anonymous said...

Hooray! Here you got it all, an entire lorikeet, the Banksia flower, nice light and shading effects on the plumage of the bird. He really gave you a present posing so nicely :-)

Signe said...

Lovely bird.

Lavender said...

BetteJo They were here again last night, and I shot another heap of shots of them, I just cant help myself - but tommorrow we will start a new road trip - but it starts with COOL birds! LOL

Areeiro Thanks Mate, they are very noisy talking to each other from one yard to the next, very loud! So every time they are here, you KNOW it LOL And they are so smart as well as beautiful!

Signe Thanks Signe! We are very spoiled for pretty birds here in Australia. Hope your winter wont be too hard and long :)

sandy said...

Are they in abundance there!! I'm jealous if so...they are gorgeous birds and what a great shot!

I need, one of these day, to find time to browse your archives.

Ces Adorio said...

These are beautiful birds and the photography is outstanding. I really love the banksia.

Melanie said...

Well done! See, stalking does pay off..
These birds are slowly returning to our area but not frequent enough to capture unless I wear my camera 24/7.
Awesome shot. You must have a steady hand.

kj said...

oh lavender, you had the frame staged. you set it up in some studio somewhere and had a perfectly trained bird pose for you. you had a staging director and camera lights.

right? :)

Lavender said...

Sandy We are very lucky to have a good number of these here at the moment, as both trees we planted just to bring them in are currently in bloom. After they are no longer blooming, we usually only have a couple that use the neighborhood as a home base, and all the rest move on.
Browsing the archives sounds like a nice idea, useful for avoiding less fun things like dishes and cooking LOL! Thank you very much :)

Ces The Banksia is a tree after your heart Ces, it has a wrinkly bark thats fascinating all by itself, but the different stages of the flowers would keep you busy for some time with your pens and pencils! One day I will complete my photo study of them, They could be my fave Aussie tree! Thank you very much Ces :)

MelanieThanks Melanie! Im glad they are returning to your we are in decline. Although I have planted tons of new native food producing trees, the indian myna is slowly taking over - Its very depressing! So, although the native birds have a refuge here in my garden, all the neighbors are tearing thier native plants down, and a large chunk of remnant bushland nearby has just been cleared for houses - I HATE IT SO MUCH!! Before that we had begun getting black cockatoos over - now we dont see them anymore either.....ooops, better stop grumbling...plant banksia and grevillias for Lorikeet Heaven!

KJ LOL! Oh KJ, if you only knew how many times Ive been tempted to find some taxidermy specimens to do just that! LOL
Thanks for the laugh KJ!!

sandy said...

thanks for answering back!

Barkfoot said...

You got him! You wouldn't think such a handsome chap would be so shy.

Lavender said...

Barkfoot Yeah, whats he got to hide for? Its not like he is inconspicuous or anything LOL Cheers Mate!