Saturday, January 31, 2009

Stoked! Then eats, roots & leaves

Melanie at Creating Nunde has awarded me The Tree of Happiness, for "continuous eye candy and inspiration", isnt that just the coolest? Thank you Melanie!

Now, here is a sight that is not unfamiliar to Aussies, its a wombat hole. Look at it! Its so perfectly round, and what? About two feet or more across? This one is cut into a bank, but I can see where the ones that are cut into a flat patch of earth could be really really dangerous, shudder!

We hoped to spot its inhabitant, but typical Wombat! He was asleep deep inside his den and couldnt be bothered to greet his visitors. Never fear, we will find a photogenic wombat for you. One of these days we are bound to while on one of our drives, keep your fingers crossed!


Wombats are said to only do the following: Eats, Roots & Leaves. Therefore, calling someone a 'Wombat' is considered an insult. I should now take this opportunity to explain to my little sister: When you were just a little parcel and I nicknamed you "Wombat", I had no idea of its connotations! Id just seen them in National Geographic or something and thought they were cute! Really and truly!!!

I chose this photo today, because all my time is missing. I cant find it anywhere! I thought it might have disappeared down Alice's Rabbit Hole, but remembering Im an Aussie now - thought perhaps now its Lavender's Wombat Hole. Where else could it be?


BetteJo said...

I posted a picture of a baby wombat on my picture blog once. I thought it was really cute! In a scary kind of way.

Ces Adorio said...

They're quite the engineers! I have never seen a wombat in real life. oh wait, I think she lives next door to me!

sandy said...

I've got to google wombat to see what they look like. Wow, impressive hole.

Melanie said...

ok lamest joke in the history of jokes that cracks me up(that shows how awful my humour is)
Q. What is a wombat?
A. Something you play wom with

Good luck finding a wombat to snap. If you every get down to wilsons prom you will find at least 50 come out to greet you late at night and promptly poop in front of your tent:)

xxx said...

I like your blog!

Funny for me to just arrive here and you"re talking about Wombats. I just posted a picture of a Wombat on my blog last week :-)

I'm really impressed with the hole!
That's awesome.