Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Gundagai, then home

The Most DH let me take the wheel out of Tumut for the short hop up to Gundagai. The plan was to stop at Dog on Tuckerbox and have a bite of lunch and a cuppa there. But when we arrived, it was crawling with people! Which was surprising as it was Christmas day, what the heck were all these people doing sitting around here?

Lucky for me, the ferocity of the sun forced the great throng of them to cling to the shade of nearby trees. So I hopped out of the Rover to take the obligatory snapshots. As you can see, they arent very inspired shots. I was really feeling acutely unhappy about being back amongst people again.

But all that aside, this is a wierd monument based on a fictional dog.Im sorry to say, I just dont get it. More info can be found on Wiki's Dog on Tuckerbox page.

We decided to push on to the next rest area to have that lunch, and The Most DH let me drive all the rest of the way back home to Sydney. He knew I would enjoy driving and thereby be too busy to be sad our adventure was over.

So this concludes our Christmas Refugee Escape 2008. Thanks for coming along with us!

Additional Trip Trivia:
We were gone 33 hours, 1,231 Kilometres! Our 11 year old Land Rover averaged 9.3 litres of diesel fuel per 100 kilometres. Thats pretty good considering her age, the terrain, alot of engine breaking, a fair bit of air con, etc etc. Blog posts generated by this trip: 16 ??!?!?! Thats Epic! LOL


Melanie said...

aww its over. I was living through your trip away and now its like I have a void lol. Thanks for sharing. (more like rubbing it in to a fellow christmas hater because you got to get away) I would have done the same for sure:)

Young Werther said...

Thank you for taking us along your road trip....

The Tuck Box sure brings back memories. I was at boarding school and we all had a tuck box. Mine were stuffed with ciggies and girly mags. LOL.

BetteJo said...

Why - that trip was WAY shorter than I thought! You're good at telling all the stories!

Lavender said...

Melanie Teeheehee me too! I didnt know what to do with myself for days...and now the blog posts have run out - I dont know again! :) As far as getting away with it goes, it was a long fight to get there, and next year - Im back in the fray ((((SIGH))))

Young Werther Good to have you along! Boarding school, eh? That could have been an adventure or a bummer - or maybe both - either way, I suppose a lad has to do what a lad has to do LOL!

BetteJo LOL! Youre right. it was really a very short trip - I think we made the most of it!!! LOL Glad you came along!