Sunday, January 25, 2009

Self portrait, macro

Its scary at full size, let me tell you.

Well folks, Ive been under the weather again, and perhaps thats all it is. But Ive been wondering what the heck this whole blog thing is about. Even with two blogs, I dont feel that I am really being myself in either one. If I wanted to be more true to me here, is that wise?

And there is the whole 'free milk and the cow' thingo.

Oh, I could just put up a pretty picture everyday, but Im wondering if that has any real value. Seems to me that I should be capable of something more...meaningful? And if so, what?

Either way Friends, the immediate future may involve some stumbling around in the dark, looking for answers. Better bring a torch.


torch = flashlight


kj said...

lavender/kindred soul, if you're up for it, email me...

BetteJo said...

Hope you feel better soon and I've got a flashlight!

Barkfoot said...

At last we get to see a photo of you, well a bit of you (plus a distorted reflection).
You do worry a lot about your blog. It's always difficult to know how we are representing ourselves, and how much to reveal of the real 'us'. We keep coming back for more so you must be doing something right ;~)
I've got my headtorch and a big halogen lamp so if we need to stumble around in the dark we'll be OK...

Anonymous said...

Oh, I know that stumbling around in the dark thing, not to know were to turn for a while and if everything is that you do is right and if everything that you do is valuable. I just know that thinking about it too much does not help a lot. I’d not search too much for that torch if I were you. I really like your blog and how you represent yourself. Pretty pictures of the small things in life keep happy and there is a lot to learn from them and that is already very valuable.

sandy said...

I go through that too, but heck, why not put up beautiful photos if nothing else, the world needs more beauty. When I experience that feeling, sometimes I take a break or sometimes, I ask for inspiration when I set out for the day to get photographs. It sets a certain intention and fun and magic to experience.

I hope you continue...

Lavender said...

KJ Thank you for the kind offer Sweetheart, Hugs!

BetteJo Excellent! Thank you BetteJo, maybe we can discover some long lost treasure in here - here hoping!

Barkfoot Oh I knew youd have some serious equipment, Barkfoot to the rescue, Hooray! Thank you for your kind words :)

Areeiro You too, make a good point Areeiro, Thank you :) Im curious to see where I will end up, and I do hope its not contagious! LOL
PS the honey in the comb the other day, I got it at the market - I dont think they are supposed to sell it that way, but I couldnt resist it when I saw it!!!

Sandy Thank you too Sandy, a break might be a good idea for me too, thanks! Maybe its just human to question these things from time to time, youd think with these great big brains of ours, we could work things out easier LOL

Thank each of you very much, it was very nice to read all your messages of support, they are much appreciated!

merlinprincesse said...

Be yourself honey! Anyway, wathever you put here or in on the other blog, I love! :)
You know, I'm more on a site called ATCs for all for now, creating and exchanging artist trading cards. There are good people there and some groups have formed. One is called "The Dark Gathering". It's a group of artists with a taste for the creepy, dark, raw, and intense. A place to chat about ideas, new techniques, and art in general. Their motto is "Welcome to the dark side...we have cookies!"... And for the cookies, I'm now on the Dark Side too! :)
What I mean here is that in the darkest nights, the worst moments, there will always be some light, or a help you.

Lavender said...

MerlinPrincesse Cool! I must check out this ATC site youre with, I know there will be a tonne of lovely inspiring stuff to drool over there LOL And this Dark Gathering group sounds very interesting indeed ((((tents fingers and stares off into the distance sideways, thus creating unease in a nearby cat))))
Thank you for your encouraging words, and a hug is always appreciated! Meow!

merlinprincesse said...

Meow back at ya! :)

My Budgies of the fictional town of Budgewoi said...

great portrait, the sort of thing i would do. love your sense of humour, Lav, you share enough with us - your humour, gift with words and pictures, plants and animals, that's enough to light up anyone's day!