Sunday, December 1, 2013

Blown glass at last

Long story short:  Last October (I think it was October) - I finally got a chance to blow glass - and it was fantastic.  Here are the three pieces I managed during my time on the hotshop floor....

Piece one - a short tumbler that I flared the edge on...check out the rank amateur punty butt and subsequent stress checking:


Next go - a tumbler again - this time with a raised trail detail:

And lastly, I used frit on the gather before the blow, did another raised trail detail and then added a small lip to make a beaker:

...if I ever get time to blog again, I might post more details and pics of the process...(anyone interested?)

They are not likely to let me back on the hot shop floor again, and so if I want to continue with this, Im going to need that bush block where I can build my own....what a sweet day dream!

While we are on the subject of Hotshops, Hot glass and pics of pretty things on a linty white is the paperweight I did last April (I think it was April....)
Is been a hectic year - and - it doesn't look like slowing down soon - what are you all up to?


I still hate Christmas, but Iam prepared to ignore it a little longer