Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Our New Little Wattle Bird fledged

Cant remember if it was last week or the week before. I looked at the nest as I passed the tree, and saw the little guy looking over the edge. I thought to myself, 'he will be gone soon'. An hour later I had to go past again, and knew something was up as his parents were calling urgently from different trees. Then I saw the chick sitting on the grass a few metres away from the nest tree. Well, I could have left him there, he would have been alright Im sure, but I couldnt resist just picking him up and placing him on a branch. He was so very warm and soft. I took his picture on the way to the tree. Since then Ive seen him in the grevilles, with one or both parents teaching him the ropes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

but on the bright side...

Spring is in the air, and my cardiologist says I can have more salt! HAHAHAHAHA - Ive never heard him say THAT before - oh, its good to laugh!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Magellan takes the pain away for a bit

My most favourite budgie, Magellan, sat on an aching hand to chat and enjoy some spinach. While we were together I didnt feel any pain - isnt it great when a friend takes your mind off your troubles?

Ive had a gristle or two here about my neck injury causing me trouble with my hands, and as it progresses toward full blown myelopathy I had to give up my much loved art form of lampworking glass beads.

But wait, theres more! Turns out Ive got carpal tunnel as well! (LOLb * ) After months of waiting on the list for the test, I finally got the nerve conduction study done this week. Its severe in the right hand and moderate to severe in the left. Now, add in the arthritis and I have won a trifecta of some sort right? I mean, theres got to be some sort of prize for this, doesnt there?

I get so frustrated some times when my hands arent working - the pain gets bad, but you can work around that (you have to, cause the drugs are useless!) Its the not being able to do really simple things thats completely maddening and finds me chucking a wobbly every ten minutes.

At the end of September, I have a consult with a good (hand) surgeon. Iam worried that he wont want to operate due to my neck issues, but am desperate for any improvement he could offer... this will be a long month waiting.

Now, please - dont feel compelled to comment on this - I know the moment I hit the 'publish' button Im going to feel nauseous from sharing too much info...but I have decided that today is the day. Today I will find my resolve and begin to fight again.
Once more into the breach, dear friends!

* LOLb: Laughing out Loud, bitterly (Lets see if we can get LOLb going like LOL etc)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Last shots to share of Paul Weller

The Kodak's zoom gives me a grainy but intimate moment with my beloved bard. And the collage of 'postage stamp Pauls' from the camera phone below.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Paul Weller, Sydney, August 19 2008

All I can say is, it was worth the wait and was everything I hoped for. I loved the old stuff and the new stuff equally - as Im sure most Weller fans did. If there were those there expecting to re-live Jam days, well, grow up already. If Id have had the dosh, Id have got tickets for every night he was here - it really was that good.

Last year when The Most DH and I went to see The Cure I got such interesting shots with my camera phone, that I thought I would do the same here at Paul Weller....but then decided Id chuck my old Kodak in my purse on speculation.

Long time readers know that I have a love/hate relationship with the Kodak DX6490 - its sssslllllooooowwwww and extremely light hungry - but it does have one hell of a zoom on it....add to the mix that there was going to be some hiking around Newtown to get to the gig, dancing, and a stop-over or two at local 'watering holes'....well - no way would I risk bringing the Canon EOS 400D this time. But man, I sure would have liked to. Imagine the shots I could have got with that!

Meanwhile, the camera phone spazzed out on me. Must've dropped it one too many times....all I got from it is tiny little postage stamp sized Pauls...perhaps I will make a collage of them........

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tonight, Paul Weller at the Enmore

Limited seats still avail for Thurs 21st, if youre Sydney-side then. Ive been waiting nearly thirty years to see this man...can hardly believe the day has finally come.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Spiraea Cantoniensis Lanceata (confusio?) AKA:Double flowering May

Taken just last week, this Spiraea is still sporting its autumn colours...
while it begins its spring flowering.

Strange days indeed.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

New pair, new nest - much higher this time

They have one beautiful chick, now just over a week old.
Spring is just under two weeks away now.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Flat Chat - Mixed Grill

(Wed.) From the garden looking up - maybe maybe its starting to bloom?

(Thurs.) Making fun with King Jack!

(Fri.) On hearing the death knell for Mars: