Monday, January 26, 2009

One way ticket to Australia

It was Australia Day yesterday*, and I didnt get a post written ahead. So Im very late today.

Australia Day is the day we all celebrate the arrival of the "First Fleet", or the official beginning of the colonization of Australia. Frankly speaking, I had to look that up on Wiki. As looking at it from the ground, it seemed to me just another piss up.

This clip art is interesting, there was a period of time where Britian actively encouraged Brits to go to the colonies. One incentive was exceptionally cheap fares. I havent heard many stories where people were pleased with what they found when they got here, but talking to you about that could take all day...and its late already.

On the bright side, the 'school holidays' are over now. That means Im up early tommorrow morning, about 5 should do. I will walk up and down the street and around the block. A large tin kettle in one hand, and a large metal ladle in the other. As I walk I will bang on the kettle shouting..."Wake up all you bastards! Its time to go back to school you rotten little snots!" And etc.

Trust me, they deserve it.


* Actually, it was Australia Day today, the 26th. When I wrote this post earlier today, I suffered from an attack of 'wishful thinking'. Wishful that the excessively loud neighborhood party held yesterday (the 25th) was going to be enough for the mongrels around here.



BetteJo said...

Um.... you will?

Ces Adorio said...

Happy Aistralia Day and very clever with the macro self portrait. I have several awards for you so come over to my blog.

Jenny said...

Maybe the Wiki page got it wrong, but Australia Day is January 26th, and has been for some time. There is talk this morning of changing the date, but I don't think they have done that quite yet.
Happy Australia Day

Lavender said...

BetteJo No, not really. But I want to! Theyve been torturing me at all hours with thier stereos and such, seems to be a taste of thier own medicine is in order somewhere along the line LOL

Ces Ces, you couldnt have planned it better, Thank you very much! I needed a shot in the arm, see you there :)

Lavender said...

Jenny A bit of wishful thinking on my part this morning, had me thinking it was over and done with. Hope you enjoyed your Australia Day, Cheers.

sandy said...

hahaha, wake up those brats! Get em up and out!

Lavender said...

Sandy LOL! Come with me! Lets go give 'em heck! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hehe, Happy Australia Day from me too! Wow, if I'd find a ticket for 37 bucks I'd be on my way already :-P

Melanie said...

I laughed out loud for real at all that. classic lol

still a week till they go back here, Im gonna have to stop going to bed at 3am, its going to kill me.

Lavender said...

Areeiro LOL you could even bring your Mates! LOL

Melanie Another week? Egads, you want I should light some candles at a church for you or somewhere? LOL

merlinprincesse said...

AWWW! End of Summer. Sadness for the kids and JOY for the parents! :) I know what you mean.
Happy belated Australia day! Yeah!

Lavender said...

MerlinPrincesse Thanks MP! Yeah, the parents will all have parties this week, but at least they are a little quieter than thier kids!!!! Its crazy here! :)