Monday, May 21, 2012


This cheerful fellow spent an hour with me last April.  He would take the sunflower heads from my hand and crunch through each sweet seed - the whole while being a complete charmer and perfectly happy to let me snap away with the lens at times just inches from his beak.  I rate this experience as a prime encounter.

So many changes since I was able to emerge from my shell of grief, and so little time - such a common problem - but the blog and other interests are not getting much of a look in lately, but I believe everything is in a cycle, and it will out work out in time. Even while I keenly feel that the time left to me is shorter than ever.  But thats true for us all.

Lately when I go to the aviary to visit who is left of my flock, (a long sad story in itself), the Wind speaks to me.  I can not make out what Wind is trying to tell me - yet. But I must be patient with myself, I am only just re-connecting with my truer self, and, like any language, if you dont use it, you loose it.

Could it have something to do with Raven?  Raven has become my companion alongside Cat.  Frog is also with me in a big way.  Yes, I am aware that to some I will sound like Ive gone The Full Fruit-Loop.  But others will recognize that Metaphyical Mystic Me has been here the whole time.

So, Ive been transforming, in a big way.  Ive even returned to paid work outside the home, AND am undertaking study via an online university - so time will be short for at least the next year.  But its an investment in a brighter future than I could not have forseen from where I stood in late December 2010.  We have to make the most of what is given to us, and damn it, Im having that, all that. And The Most DH and I will still have things to enjoy, even if they aren't what everyone else is given.  LOL!  We were never big on conformity anyway.