Friday, January 30, 2009

And the other half

A SECOND HALF TO MAKE 13) ...'Sugarbeet' and 'Bell Peppers'. Ah, I love it when they ask me easy stuff! "No worries! Thats beetroot and capsicum."
"Oh! Isnt that funny!" she exclaimed, "Now if I could just work out fahrenheit to celsius, Id be right." And so with a promise to drop a copy of my conversion chart in her mailbox later, all was well again in American-Australian diplomacy.

14) 544 pictures of honey on a plate in the sun. What the heck is that about? How many poses/angles/sunsparkle close ups/etc does the average professional photographer take? Assuming a similar subject, of course.

15) I collect glass, vases mostly. These days it is very hard to get good collectible glass without selling ones organs. My collection here in Australia is puny compared to my previous one. When we get overseas for a visit, I will probably need to pay excess baggage fees on the return.

16) Speaking of glass, all of a sudden I like carnival glass. Not too many years ago I would have told you it was ugly and cheap. How'd that happen? Why? Does the iridescence trigger some sort of flashback?

17) If my hands could be restored to working order, I would immediately go back to working glass - in a heartbeat.

18) Im really struggling here...writing this in bites between other tasks and looking around the house for clues as to what to say next!

19) Ok now, is this wierd? When I find one of my cats whiskers, I save it. I have a small collection of cats whiskers, standing up in a bead, in my curio. Why? Why not? Might be useful sometime. Bet most people just keep theirs inside the vacuum cleaner.

20) I live on coffee, broccoli, cheese and 70% cocoa chocolate. The Most DH shares my appreciation for two of these things. You may speculate which.

21) I think everything should make sense. Otherwise, I cant be bothered with it.
22) I am making Burritos for dinner tonight! Thats right! Im that talented.

23) Groan! Only 23 so far. So close, so close!

24) A remembered poem of mine, circa 1991? I miss Joe, he was a good friend who tried to warn me.

Jimi's wail echoes, across the silent city night
disturbs the crickets song then
rouses me from restless sleep.

On waking, I wearily ponder...
would Joe remember the words?

25) They are Chicken Burritos. They are going to be so yummy.

Whoo hoo!! Ive done it, Happy Dance!!


Ces Adorio said...

I love the second part. I like the way you think Lavender. By the way I don't like telephones either. I only use the phone for two reasons: make an appointment or break one. If I ever talk to anybody on the phone, I am either sick or sick. Either way, it's sick.

Young Werther said...

What a weird man... who loves broccoli :)

BetteJo said...

See? Being an American (covert or not) comes in handy sometimes! Well, at least for your neighbor!

Lavender said...

I love you guys! I wish I had more time...where has all the time gone?

Melanie said...

I will have to look up what carnival glass is. I collect green glass. Not the posh stuff though, thats too expensive. I think the one I mean is depression glass. I just deleted about 3 pages worth of rambling. I dont talk this much in real life lol