Saturday, January 3, 2009

Great Beakage! What else ya got?

Come on Lori, give us a nice shot and then we will stop stalking you. Pretty Please with Nectar on top?


sandy said...

Ohhhhh, LOVE this.

Anonymous said...

There is the beak you wanted! :-D Pleased with that one or is there more stalking to be done? To me this shot is great!

kj said...

what a beautiful shot. what determination and gutsiness in that face!

you and that camera are obvious in love, lavender. :)

Gledwood said...

I LOVE those rainbow lorries... hey if you love Aussie birds come to my mate's blog at
she's a Queenslander and has a garden full of parrots¬!
Excellent blog you got here
take it easy and have a fine 2009!

Lavender said...

Sandy Hooray! Check back tommorrow for one more goodie!! :)

Areeiro More! More! More! Teeheehee Well, its hard not to go stalking them, but I guess Im still looking for the proverbial 'money shot' LOL
Thank you for your compliment though, they are always appreciated :)

KJ You said it, they are nearly defiant! They actually yell at me to "SHOVE OFF!!"
I just pretend I dont speak Lorikeet!
I do love my camera, I think its officially my new creative outlet, nothing else has held my attention the same way since having to give up the glass work - its nice to have a medium again!

Gledwood I shall do that, thanks for the lead! Thanks for stopping by, and Best Wishes for you in this new year, Cheers!

BetteJo said...

I think you're teasing us!

Lavender said...

BetteJo Aw, you know me so well! LOL But how can I resist these guys? :)