Monday, December 22, 2008

The world was moving, she was floating above it, and she was...

"She was glad about it... no doubt about it
She isnt sure about where shes gone *
No time to think about what to tell them
No time to think about what shes done
And she was"

From the song "And she was" by David Byrne,
performed by the Talking Heads on their 1985 album "Little Creatures"


Am I the only one?

I have a soundtrack that plays along in my head, quite alot.

Things happen, or dont.
Events begin, end.
Feelings crest, then fall.
Often precipitously.

Regardless, I cant count the number of times a song drifts into my consciousness that fits, either literally or figuratively. Sometimes both.

Whats really telling are the ones that are there in my personal ether when I wake up in the morning. Who needs therapy?


About the Photo:
I shot this with one of those waterproof cameras kodak makes. I bought it just for this shot, now I bet everyones doing it. Well, if they werent already.

Assuming I am remembering the words right.
Why dont I have this on disc yet so I can check and enjoy?!?!


BetteJo said...

What is that? Para-sailing or something? I'm not sure I could do that!

Lavender said...

BetteJo Yes indeedy, its parasailing - and its easy - really! I often fly in my dreams, so this was a must do thing - but you never know BetteJo, you might like it :)

Barkfoot said...

Wow, that looks fun. It would scare the crap out of me, but I'd give it a go. I haven't got a fast boat, but I do have a parachute. Now, what could I attach it to?... I don't think the local bus goes under any low bridges...maybe....

Young Werther said...

> I bet everyones doing it.

Nope, not me. I'm petrified of heights!

kj said...

i could never do this, lavender, even though i fly in my dreams too.but songs in my head: all the time. over and over sometimes.


Lavender said...

Barkfoot ROFL! I love the idea, and its do-able! The only problem I see with it is, you dont have a soft 'spash down' like you get over the sea LOL!

Young Werther LOL Seems several of you are, so I think I need a flotilla of inner tubes for you lot LOL :)

KJ Ah well, you never know, you might wake up one day and think - gee that could be fun! Teeheehee And Im very glad Im not the only one with the Musical Accompaniment, whew! What a relief, Thanks KJ! ooo