Saturday, December 13, 2008

Coreopsis for 'Surrogate Sun'

The last two days have seen winter like conditions - but this is Australia! We are all supposed to be at the beach by now, not contemplating getting the wood stove going again - egads. So this is global warming, eh?

So, to keep things here warm today, we have a pic of a Coreopsis from an earlier sunnier day.

The Most DH and I have been on photo safari's the last two days. But nothing has been moving out there except the rain. We had a good time despite, and even managed to hit the Famous Robertson Pie Shop for lunch yesterday. Not much by way of ambiance, but the pies are mega-delish!


Melanie said...

My garden is loving all of this rain but typical Melbourne, it could rain right up to christmas day. photo safari's? That sounds like fun.

BetteJo said...

Sorry you're all soggy. But you're making me so happy with the flower pics!

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling when you get out and almost nothing is worth a picture because its cloudy and dark. Don't worry Global Warming will strike eventually. At least you have a little surrogate for the sun in the mean time. Looks like a miniature sun flower. Really sweet!

Ces Adorio said...

I love these yellow flowers. It's global warming, that's why it snowed in Houston.

Lavender said...

Melanie Ah, so its rainy-er there naturally, is it? See I havent been to Melbourne yet - one of these days! And Tassie too one day...but those are rather long drives LOL!!!

BetteJo Hooray! Theres a 'few' more photos around LOL

Areeiro My poor garden is so neglected with me being so busy elsewhere - but when I see things are still carrying on without me I feel better....still wouldnt hurt to get the 'dead from drought' out - fingers crossed more volunteers come up in the empty spots LOL

Ces Wasnt that far out?! I bet people had trouble with that, its just so NOT ususal!!! Crazy times!!

Keyamoni said...

That flower looks like cosmos mostly to me. I had cosmos in my home.

Lavender said...

Keyamoni I love cosmos too, and some cosmos look very much like these coreopsis'.....looking at them more closely, I see that they are in the same plant family, so that explains the similarity LOL
Excellent observation Keyamoni!