Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Along the banks of the MacDonald River

Along the banks of the MacDonald River were many farms. We envied all the livestock who enjoyed such idyllic views and tranquil, quiet countryside. Lucky, lucky bastards. We are so going to enjoy our next hamburger!

The quality of the light here was magic, I tried to capture it through the leaves, but the photo just cant convey how gorgeous and golden-green it was. It just made the spirit sing.

Further up the road we stopped to stalk birds through the gum trees. Naturally as soon as the car stopped they fled to cover, from where they continued to call, mocking me, as usual. But the gorgeous blue sky through the tangle of gum branches is still an interesting sight, and worth a shot.

Here a Dianella or Flax Lily keeps a precarious hold of the steep riverbank.

More from the road, tommorrow!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful atmosphere on your road trip Lavender! I'd quite enjoy being such a cow if it was not for the end I'd have to face - Hamburger! LOL!

BetteJo said...

Never thought about a cow's life. I always think house cats have it made.

I always love pictures of plants, flowers and trees taken against a blue sky. It really IS hard to capture but almost always worth the effort!

Lavender said...

Areeiro LOL I guess 'every rose has thorns' LOL

BetteJo House cats certinally do have it made - and around my house, some of the homeless cats arent doing too badly either - maybe in my next life I should try it? LOL