Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nectar runneth over

See the nectar in the cup of this gum flower? Its about to spill over the edge and onto me. I wonder why no bird has emptied this cup. The bees seem to prefer cups with much less liquid, which is understandable really.

We have plundered the old film 35mm camera, and come up trumps with a macro/wide angle combo that just screws onto the front of the new lens, like a filter would. Just wait till you see the shots Im getting with this set up, Im so excited!

I just wish I could share them full size and resolution here for you, but alas, it would chew up your time and downloads...moderation has never been my strong suit.


Am I back in town? Guess we will both find out tommorrow!


Ces Adorio said...

I like a lens that can be screwed into another lens. I have never seen one yet. I love macro lenses! This photographs makes me giggle though.

Lavender said...

Ces I imagine you would like a macro, you could discover all sorts of new details for your illustrations, wow!
There are so many cameras and so many lenses, learning about them is a long and often confusing process! Id like to know why it has to be that way, not fair!!!
Teeheehee there is a bit of a giggle factor here, isnt there?

Anonymous said...

Wow, a nectar lake! Probably the bees do not want it because it has to less sugar? Maybe the gum is specialized in bird pollinization? Interesting, will try to google it!

Lavender said...

Areeiro :) Well, you got that sorted in another post, glad you didnt have to google it!
I have noticed some bees go for the nectar and some for the pollen, so I assumed that each had thier area of expertise OR each had thier own instructions from the 'hive boss'...but then I can imagine all sorts of things, so LOL!