Monday, December 15, 2008

BLOG CHEAT! Scheduling posts in Blogger

I have some unexpected computer time tonight, so Iam trying to get out to all my fave blogs (impossible!) In addition Iam writing some posts ahead to give me a fighting chance in keeping up this 'holiday' season. I only recently figured out how to schedule a blog post, and thought perhaps Id share the info (in case others are as semantically challenged as I am).

Compose your post as per usual, and when you are happy with it...notice at the bottom of the window the words "Post Options"? (On the left hand side - just above the "Publish Post" button).

Click on "Post Options", and the window will expand. There you can change the displayed time and date, to whatever time and date you want the post to go live.

Then click on "Publish Post" I know! Its counter intuitive to click "Publish" when you want to "Schedule" but...sigh... there it is! LOL

Try it! You'll like it!!


Anonymous said...

Oh great Lavender! I will try that too! Yesterday I was not blogging because I became uncle for the first time. :D!!! So christmas ahead with the enhanced family I think this function will be very useful!
Can you also explain me how it works to highlight special words in the new blog post and link them to earlier posts? I'd like to do that but did not figure it out... and I'm very lazy reading the manual to blogging ;-) Thanks!

Ces Adorio said...

Ah, Laveneder, I have been using the schedule button for a long time. Do you know you can trick it and actually publish a post with a future date prior to said date? Just post it for today and then edit it and repost with the future date. I do it for my Skywatch photos because peole get confused if I publish it before Thursday. Go figure. :)

Young Werther said...

Excellent idea... I use it to sneak and back date into Forlorn private thoughts. Someday, I'll have the complete story of my life in one blog :)

BetteJo said...

That's so funny - I just figured out how to schedule posts too! Now I don't have to stay up past midnight every Sunday so I get Maxine Monday up on time!
(has that option been there all along?)

Lavender said...

Areeiro Congratulations Areeiro and family! :)
Let me see what I can do about your question - Im sure I have a link somewhere where someone has already explained that one - and I just need to find it - Im sure others would like to know how tats done as well, Thanks Areeiro - will have info soon!

Ces Teeheehee Well thats an interesting coding quirk LOL I could use that for recovering posts I wanted to 'schedule' but accidentally 'published' by mistake! Hooray!!! Thanks Ces!

Young Werther You were ahead of me there you call that 'autoBLOGigraphical'? Will watch out for that! :)

BetteJo Yeah, itd been there awhile, but I only just figured i tout....its a little embarassing as Im not the total idiot I must sound! LOL I just really didnt get the click publish to not post it now thing...oh well...Wild coincidence tho!

Lavender said...


Heres one nice and easy one I found for you

I like that she has screen shots, they just make things clearer, enjoy!

Young Werther said...

WOW finally a linking in the comment section. Was so sure HTML would not work..

(off to practice, thank Lavender)

Lavender said...

YW Off to wreak havoc, are we? Charge!!! LOL