Sunday, December 7, 2008

Look Dear, its a Philemon Corniculatus in an Erythrina.

Me: "Look Dear, its a Philemon Corniculatus in an Erythrina."

The Most DH: "Of course."

In english for the rest of us, please?

Its a Noisy Friar Bird in a Coral Tree.

We had arrived at the end of the road, literally. There was a gate across the road at the waters edge. We had done a loop of some sort, not the one we expected, but a nice ride nonetheless. So as we waited for the ferrymans return I stalked this - handsome - bird.

A few short hours later we were home again, and I set about appeasing my Feline Overlords. You know, the budgies dont give me anywhere near the grief!


Anonymous said...

Amazing picture Lavender! The Erythrinas are so colourful. Wonderful coral against the blue sky and the greens of the foliage. Thanks for broaden my zoological knowledge too with that noisy "what was it" bird! :-).
Really enjoy your serious of the field trip. Wish it was summer here!!!

BetteJo said...

Love the last picture cause I'm such a sucker for a blue sky showing between the leaves. Pretty!

And how are the budgies? Haven't seen hide nor hair - er - feathers in a while!

Ces Adorio said...

Hehe! I like the Latin version instead. Excellent images Lavender. Thank you for your tender words.

Ngaio said...

Love your pictures, me being a big fan of Oz flora and fauna, running a close 2nd to our NZ trees etc.

Lavender said...

Areeiro LOL And I miss the kind of winters you have there - Ah the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, eh? Im very glad you enjoy the road trips, we certinally do! :)

BetteJo Hooray BetteJo! You are the reason I put that third shot up - 'cause I know you love a blue sky backdrop :) Budgies are OK, nearly over the spring moult, so may try to photo them again soon - they will have to get used to the camera again - that takes alot of treats LOL

Ces Youre very welcome Ces, anytime! Im quite partial to Latin myself, its a great language indeed. Looking forward to seeing more of your amazing illustrations, Ces!

Ngaio Gday and Thank you Ngaio, its lovely to meet you - hope one day to get down to your gorgeous part of the world, the pictures we see make it look like heaven on earth.