Monday, December 15, 2008

Up close with Agapanthus, Nile Lily

Agapanthus, or Nile Lily info at Wikipedia.

Wish I had more time today - you know how it is - Im sure.

And if you dont, goody for you!


Ces Adorio said...

Oh these colors are terrific! I love your flowers. Lavender come to my blog, I have a special thanks for you.

Anonymous said...

my first visit here.I loved your shots, especially the angles and the light effects.I am an amteur photographer who loves to click the shutter on vacations to keep the memories of visiting places. So, I know how difficult getting the perfect shot is.
Nice job done by you.

Lavender said...

Ces And I love your Acorns and Oaks!! See you at your blog Sweetie!

WebDesignCompanyUSA Thank you very much for your thoughtful comment - I do love getting a great shot, and find first thing in the morning to be the best time - no better lighting tech than the Sun itself :)
Best wishes for your online venture! If I had it to go again, Id get a pro to set up my site, in a heartbeat, Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Great close-up of the Agapanthus flower! My parents have them in their garden and it's always a spectacular view when they flower. :-)

Lavender said...

Areeiro Glad you know them! And always give us a good show