Friday, December 19, 2008

Friarbird Frozen Flight

Remember the Noisy Friarbird we met earlier this month? Here he is in one of my Frozen Flight shots. If you look closely at the wing on the right hand side, you can see the sky between each feather.

Flight looks so simple to us, but seems a pretty complex operation in practice.


Young Werther said...

There I was imagining a block of ice dropping out of the sky... but only just realise we're enjoying our summer downunder. No frozen birds :)

Anonymous said...

I remember this one. I love the colours of the Erythrina flowers against the blue sky... Flight is very complex indeed. Not just flapping. The feathers must be zipped together and there are many different wing beating techniques among birds. Many beat their wings in a figure of eight, to create turbulent currents around their wings that create a suction lifting the bird up not only with the fore but also with the backstroke of the wing. Also they have to be very light, so their bones are thin and hollow and flight is also the reason that birds are the only group of animals that did not develop vivipary but always lay eggs. Hard to fly around with a baby inside ;-))

Ces Adorio said...

Fantastic capture. If I did that it will just be a big blob!

BetteJo said...

Yeah, mine would be a blur and a flower. Excellent shot Lavender!

kj said...

what a shot, lavender. i'm getting a new camera for christmas but i know for sure you won't be seeing the sky behind anybody's feathers in my gallivants!

happy holidays, lavender.

Lavender said...

Young Werther Gotcha! LOL Heres hoping that winter is gone for good this time, eh?

Areeiro Well said and so true! (That feels very inadequate as a response, but really, you filled in all the blanks for everyone) Many Thanks and Bravo!

Ces You never know Ces, you never know! I used to get alot of blobs myself, LOL, still do sometimes!!! Thank goodness for digital - just delete it and youre done, without costing a fortune LOL

BetteJo I could say the same as for Ces! LOL But seriously, I still get dud shots too - and Im loving not paying to have film developed - so dud shots dont hurt much anymore - hooray!

KJ You never know KJ! Really and for truly, hope I dont sound like a broken record LOL But you might find yourself taking so many pics of a thing that you find a way to do something you didnt expect - and it could be very groovy indeed! Course, it gets a bit addictive...oh is short, lets have some fun, eh?