Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Goat King and The Cave of Mysteries

Its hard to explain, but this goat was so....noble. He had a commanding but gentle presence, and was very patient about having his photo taken. Its a pity we dont have room here for full size, you are definately missing something not being able to see his eyes better.

You know I love caves, and this one was particularly attractive. Pity it was inaccessible, but then again if it had been, I may be living there now.

Last stop tommorrow...


Barkfoot said...

Cave...inaccessible?! No,no,no, I want to see inside.

kj said...

gosh, he looks so wise, lavender. like a sage.

caves make me claustrophic.


Anonymous said...

LOL! Living in a cave? These times are over for some hundred thousand years - :-)))! But I can understand you. There is something curious and mysterious about them. Cant resist to poke my head inside if I see one. Does it have stalaktites???

BetteJo said...

I can see what you mean about the goat. He has a very regal air about him.

But the cave? Uh .. no, BUGS!!! SPIDERS!!! WEBS!!!
I'll pass, thank you.