Friday, February 6, 2009

Pink and Pearls

I know you cant blame me for more shots of these, too lovely to limit! Although tommorrow we will probably move on.

I had hoped today (yesterday, actually), would have more time to write in. But when The Most DH suggested lunch at our favourite coffee house, well, who can say no to that? So off into Sydney we went.

Along the way we had some mints. They were round, very hard, and although indeed minty, they were not particularly nice. I said, "These are very irritating. This must be how oysters feel while they are making pearls."

Some time elapsed. At last the thing was small enough that I was able to crunch it up to smithereens. Where upon I added, "If oysters had teeth, there would be no pearls."

And thats all my time for today, see you tommorrow!


BetteJo said...

Those are indeed, lovely. Even more would be fine by me!

Melanie said...

I love them. Theyre so dainty and make any garden look loved. How has your garden survived the heat. I have some losses and some in need of my attention. Tomorrow is 43 so they wont be getting it then lol

kj said...

"the pinks of the universe..."

Ching Ya said...

Lovely shot. Not everyday we get to see the flowers blooming so gorgeously in the garden. ^^

sandy said...

Love that bottom photo. hahaha, had to laugh about the oysters..