Thursday, February 12, 2009

Gigs, Glaciers, Hostages, Fiction!

Well there has been no time to see to the computer's creaking joints as yet.

As a matter of no interest to you whatsoever: on Feb lst I had 9.75 GB of photo data yet to be reviewed (culled). With files coming in and a few managing to be reviewed, as at Feb 10th I have that down to 8.32 GB. When I have finished reviewing all the files to date, then they are archived on two separate backup devices.

So officially speaking, glaciers retreat faster than I can process my photowork. Now thats a joke that was ALOT funnier before Global Warming began to get so much press.

(Here I went on for several paragraphs about how given the slightest provocation, I pick up the camera and run off to shoot. As opposed to sitting here and deciding which shots I will keep or delete. Are you sitting tensely on the edge of your seat, holding your breath, feeling your heart race, rapt in the deepest fascination you have ever experienced? Oh well, sorry! I deleted that bit already.)

Anyhow, another day abbreviated by a doctor. This time The Most DH played the part of the patient, and I the attentive spouse. Makes a change, I can tell you!

An MRI of the knee, after an Xray of the head (to check they really did get all the metal out of that eye from a shed building fiasco some years ago). Now, funny, you have to wait several days for the results - it used to be a few hours - now you must call back in a few days and see if they really are ready...THEN we can return to the specialist....well, really! I had better leave it there before I get started about Public Health (and no, I dont think Private is any better - but enough!)

I only bring it up as being captive in the waiting room allowed me some time to read a book! Yes, time to read a book! And the other amazing and unusual thing about this occurrence is, I brought fiction! FICTION! I hardly ever read fiction anymore. It was a lovely treat.

Not content to just shoot things, lately I cant help but scan them as well. You will recognize the fronds from previous posts. Here one is newly bloomed - still regally purple, while the other has been transformed to the colour of wheat with age and the sun.


Young Werther said...

Fiction's good.. Science Fiction better. :)

Recently finished reading Holy Blood, Holy Grail (the precursor to DB's Da Vinci Code) , can't decided if it's fact or fiction.

Barkfoot said...

I know the dilema of culling photos. Flicking between two almost identical pictures deciding which to keep. One has better composition, the other a little sparkle that enchants. You just have to get yourself into a reckless frame of mind, be ruthless. Pick your favourite, put them on the A list. Then store your others on a spare external hard drive so you don't get paranoid that you might have deleted one 'treasure' accidently.

kj said...

at first i thought this was from davy crockett's hat...


Melanie said...

When I first saw the tip of fluffiness before I scrolled down I thought you had taken up knitting or something. The color of the purpley one does inspire me with its color tones. The aged one resembles the color of what is left of my lawn. I really must get some of that grass

sandy said...

What a nice photo. Oh..I regularly try to do the daunting task of getting through my photo files to delete what I don't want, but always get sidetracked by something I want to go and take a photo of, end up with another 80 or so from one time out and then never get to the files for awhile.

My Budgies of the fictional town of Budgewoi said...

Lav - ditto on the health care system.
love he photo. grasses give a soft airy feel.