Thursday, February 5, 2009

Amaryllis or Belladonna Lily

I am writing this while still a bit groggy, sorry to ramble. But my first appointment for thursday is at 745am, so a scheduled post it must be....

This year features my best ever year for blossoms of the Belladonna lily. The trick to growing these well is to not disturb them. Disturb thier roots and they will not bloom.

However, I have managed to make them happy here in a bed of iris. Now, normally you want to lift and divide your iris every couple years, and youd expect that that would annoy the Belladonnas. But since the Belladonna's bulbs are much deeper than the iris, so long as I am very very careful, I can lift the iris without disturbing the lily.

I think so long as I continue with my very careful iris care, that the lily will continue to perform splendidly. And really the Belladonna lily looks better - to my eyes anyway - with the iris's leaves around its bare stems.

You see, Belladonna lily sends its leaves up in the winter here, they do thier job and whither away. So come summer, it blooms on naked stems. Thus the common name "Naked Ladies", which sounds trashy to me. The latin is much more refined.

Northern Hemisphere readers beware! Up there Hippeastrums are often sold as Amaryllis, they are in fact not the same thing at all, FYI.


Bimbimbie said...

I haven't had much luck with mine, not sure if something got to the bulb or the humidity had something to do with their demise from my garden. Seeing your photos remind me of how lovely they are*!*

BetteJo said...

That is so freaking pretty Lavender! And I agree - having all the leaves around the bloom make it even lovlier!

Ces Adorio said...

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful bloom!

sandy said...

Gosh this is gorgeous! I enjoyed reading about how tender you seem to be with them. I do hit and miss gardening...move it, slap it down into the dirt and if it thrives I call myself a gardener.