Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gone to seed

The hollyhocks have gone to seed, and with plenty of summer left, are sprouting again from the base of the plant. These new spires are miniatures of the original, but anything that will blossom now is most welcome. Its long past time to plant some annuals for the autumn...Ive been so slack in the gardens these last couple busy persuing other goals, like chasing my tail.

I have undertaken to re-organize the studio/office. Silly me! So much hoarded art/craft material from so many projects. Many unfinished pieces in several mediums, all celebrating anniversaries that make me feel old.

I am salvaging what I can, and giving away anything still useable. Not knowing if or when I may have an improvement to my hands makes me think its the best thing to do - divest myself of all the haunting "Someday I will ... " stuff and just get on with what I am able to do.

Now my poor computer groans under the weight of gigs and gigs of pics...I suppose it's welfare will be the next project.


Melanie said...

So do we get to see a before and after shot of Lavenders studio? Any snapshots of past pieces, finished or not? Yes yes I know, Im a bloody nosey Parker. Good luck with it. I know it is a huge undertaking when one decides to re-organize ones space.

arvofi said...


I'm Fiona Wyllie I present statewide afternoons on ABC local radio I enjoyed your blog and was hoping you may be able to talk about writing it, what you get out of it , why you started on air by phone .. please let me know if oyu are interested #02 65881211

BetteJo said...

It's time Lavender. Time to get yourself an external hard drive. Your computer will thank you.

Melanie said...

oh great, I said a swear word in front of your ABC radio person. Is that considered a swear word now? Oh well feel free to tell her thast not all of your commenters are as common as me lol