Monday, February 9, 2009

So many bees... little time. I see so many different types of bee in my gardens, and Id love to know who they are. Dang, I was just at the library today! Ah well, even if they have something, it wont be on the shelf where it is supposed to be.

I used to get very worked up looking for books that the computer says are there on the shelf, but arent. Now, I just reserve them online, and let the "librarians" spend all day looking for them.

That must be why they have to have a "certificate*" in "library science" before they can be hired. Is it thier credentials that help them to find books?! Even if they didnt know where to shelve them in the first place?

I have also given up correctly shelving books that I find out of order while looking for ones I am after. It seems to me that if I use my Powers for good, I get no work of my own done.

I did not mean this to turn into a library rant, but, how cathartic.

* "certificate" in Australia = "diploma" elsewhere.
And yes, you must have one in order to be even a lowly Library Assistant. What a crock!


BetteJo said...

I'm guessing it's not the librarian with their high-falutin degrees that are shelving the books. Most likely it's their poor overworked and underpaid underlings like my daughter. :) Hey, it's a job on-campus.

BetteJo said...

Have you seen this Lavender? When you don't have any of your own to watch ...

Melanie said...

oh you opened the door on the librarian topic lol. did you ever see the show on ABC The Librarians. it was so funny because it was too real even for a comedy.
Anyhow, back to the bee. I was stalking my bees and found a small black and white one. Thank goodness for big lenses so I could see without being stung, but he was quicker than most. guess I should go to the library too, or wait for you to become a bee-spert (bee expert)