Tuesday, February 10, 2009

So, anyway. About Bees...

Before I found myself in Bitter-rant Land yesterday, I was considering with some esteem, our friends, The Bees.

I also expressed a sincere longing for a deeper understanding of them, their families, their classifications, their plant and social preferences etc etc, just before plunging into a desultory despair of disquietude re: my lacking omnipotency.

Anyhow, here is what I know:

The rose's leaves have been carved by a Leaf Cutter Bee. This bee could be considered either a vandal, or an artist. The leaf discs will be used in her brooding nest. The Leaf Cutter Bee belongs to the genus Megachile.

Here is what I do not know:

Is she solitary? What does she look like? Does only the female cut the leaves? What would her brood nest look like? Where is it likely to be? Do they have a sting? Why can I never catch them in action carving up the leaves? Would I mistake her for one of the super fast Blue Banded Bees, who often escape the camera's gaze?

One day when my molecules have rejoined the cosmos, perhaps then I will know it all.


My Budgies of the fictional town of Budgewoi said...

i had no idea bees did this, i always assumed it was caterpillars.
well, i would call it art (beauy in the eye of the beholder) or simply, nature. if they only "attack" some leaves and not all then it is okay.

Melanie said...

for real? a bee did that? I wish I could do curves so perfect

sandy said...

Another thought provoking post. You are a very curious little bee aren't you...I enjoy reading you. And I always learn something.

BetteJo said...

I feel quite shallow. I never put that much thought into bees and such.