Friday, November 7, 2008

Future Food: Lemon

I knew the Fringe Lily was going to be a tough act to follow. Which is why I saved it for last. And, ooopsie, I dont have another series ready to start this morning (SLACKER!). I will try to revive one that sort of ran out of steam when I became ill last year.

Future Food will be a casual or occasional series, (first and only previous post tomato December '07). Im hoping to get more shots of Future Food this summer. In the veg patch so far Ive got a Zuke and some Cukes that Im waiting for flowers on - shouldnt be too long!


Young Werther said...

At the moment, my lemons and chilies are in blossom.

Any advice on how to get rid of the stinky bugs that infest my lemon tree :(

Ces Adorio said...

Hey Lavender, I am sorry I missed this series. These are beautiful . I also love the Fringe Lily below. That is a beautiful lavender color.

Melanie said...

My dogs have ruined every lemon tree I have brought home. The flowers of citrus fruit are divine in scent and presentation. Lucky you to have lemon babies on the way