Friday, November 21, 2008

On the way back to dry land

Mangroves where the Kodak had a kniption fit, and I missed a great shot of a heron. The Most DH had much better luck, catching a very nice Jewfish. We cooked it on the bbq that night, delish, I think its even better than flathead!

After the sedate colours of the Mangroves, you cant miss this odd couple. You are all familiar with the Jacaranda tree now, but I havent the foggiest what the other is.

But then on the last bend of the river, this magnificent White-Bellied Sea Eagle patiently waited for my Kodak to sputter back to life. Once Id bagged this shot, the Eagles mate arrived and sat across from him! Two patient and regal Sea Eagles were giving me a rare and wonderful treat - and how did the Kodak respond?

Why, with the error message "Memory full", of course.


Anonymous said...

Wow, how amazing really. This is a great picture of the eagle - looks like from a nature documentary. How come they be so tame? LOL, imagine you were pretty annoyed when the Kodak said bye bye. Murphy says it is always like that! ;-)
And the gum tree jungle. Does it smell there like you opened a box of Eucalyptus sweets? I remember from Lisbon. They have large gum tree plantations there now, because it grows so rapidly and is perfect for paper production.
The tree with the red flowers could be a coral tree (Erythrina), but I could not tell by sure, the shot is too distant.
Thanks a lot for sharing these great pictures Lavender.

BetteJo said...

You have some wonderful scenery in your neck of the woods. Cool trees, wonderful colors, and awesome birds!

Barkfoot said...

Don't be too harsh on the old Kodak, this is a wonderful shot (I'm a bit jealous). As I get older I find I'm getting more and more 'error messages', maybe my memory is getting 'full' too!...

Lavender said...

Areeiro Thank you very much, it was very special how patient and trusting he was with me, I assume they watch 'boat people' all day and feel high enough up to be safe...sounds plausible anyhow :)
Yes, that tree is too far away to be sure what it is, but wow - what a colour, eh?

BetteJo I do love the 'bush' (as they call the 'countryside') here - when the patch of bush is big enough, its easy to imagine oneself being one of the original explorers - some of the National parks in the US give me the same feeling. Too bad I wish I lived like an early explorer LOL!

Barkfoot Youve got me there, Mate! I keep telling myself I should just be stoked about this shot and not miffed about 'the one that got away'...LOL youre not half right about the memory full problem! If if gets much worse everyday will be a new adventure for me! LOL

Sharon said...

We went to the Los Angeles Zoo a couple of weeks ago and saw what I think was one of these. It was so sad to see them in a cage but it was a beautiful creature.

Lavender said...

Sharon Wow, yes it would have given me an ache in the heart to see one in a cage. Some zoos are getting better tho at making thier habitats much more natural, still I think it will be a long time before they all do....heres hoping the awareness they raise makes it worthwhile in the long run?