Sunday, November 16, 2008

David Austin Rose - Gertrude Jekyll

One of my top three rose choices, Gertrude Jekyll from David Austin. If you take that link out to his site, you can browse his other selections, which are all fabulous in every way. Dont despair that the site is the UK, you can buy David Austin roses in retail shops around the world. Ask you local garden center to get your selections in for you. USA readers, it is never too early to start planning your spring planting!

Other than the above, I am completely uninspired verbally this morning, so off I go.


BetteJo said...


Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful! Do you have a rose garden? Cant wait to see the other two in your top3! And again there is one of those little bee fellows collecting nectar and pollen, although it looks rather difficult to get if you see all these dense petals.

Melanie said...

oh wow. that pic is amazing.
the colour of the rose is outstanding, inspires me to make something pink and delicate

Ces Adorio said...

That bee looks like it is ready to sting!

Lavender said...

Ces Never fear Ces! He is just excited by all the pollen :)

Lavender said...

Dont you just hate it when you hand slips and you delete half your own comments?? LOLz

BetteJo I thought youd like them! Teeheehee

areeiro I do have alot of roses - its quite a job pruning them all in spring! Yes, the bees do have to burrow down into these flowers to get the pollen - but they always come out fully laden LOL

melanie Gosh, I just thought some of your Pellies would be GLORIOUS planted beneath these, oh dear, you may have started a dangerous idea there! Currently I have then underplanted with several types of lavender, but some are needing a dear! Im in trouble! LOL