Friday, November 28, 2008

- - - fly by posting - - -

Egads people! Its been nuts around here lately and I havent had (more than) a moment to blog in days now....somethings gotta I have to do the dishes or cook dinner today?

Anyway, here is a Frozen Flight shot starring one of our parent Little Wattle Birds from a short time ago. Flight just gets more interesting to me the more of these I capture.

Have a great day!


BetteJo said...

Oh wow - you really have caught him just as he's taking off! Good shot!

Melanie said...

Excellent shot. Have you mentioned before what kind of camera you use for these shots and lense etc?

Lavender said...

BetteJo Thank you! I waited and waited and waited LOL I thought the bird might be having a nap I waited so long :)

Melanie Thank you Melanie! Im very fortunate to have recieved a Canon 400D last year (a way too expensive chrissy present!) At the time the 400D came with a twin lens kit, a 'telephoto' 75-300mm (which is still not long enough a reach for me - picky woman that I am) and a 'regular' lens of 18-55mm.
Now, Canon has just put out the upgraded version of this camera - the 50D...very droolworthy if you are a lottery winner LOL
This year I am hoping for a 'fast' lens for these dark days we get - I really hate grey pictures, bet you do too! :)