Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Thank you Fiskars!

In my 10 Things I hate meme post I complained that I was unhappy with Fiskars response time to my email query. I have my answer now. They no longer make replacement blades for my old secateurs, BUT...

They sent me a new pair! Yesterday they arrived, with a bonus holster which also has a pocket for my cell phone. Marvellous, Thank you Fiskars! I look forward to remaining a loyal customer.

Well, Ive no excuse now. I have 25 rose bushes to prune, so you know where I will be today.

(This is NOT a sponsored post. Thier gardening products and scissors are very good quality, and I have used them for years.)


Anonymous said...

I'm jealous! Had to prune the banana trees of old branches with a pair of scissors on Sunday! Need new secateurs ... will ask Bearman to check these ones out :)

Lavender said...

:0 A banana with scissors! That cant have been any fun at all - in fact it sounds a bit like torture hehehe!
I hope Bearman will treat you to a pair! Fiskars has a good range too, lower end models are cheap cheap cheap and still work really well.
This pair they sent me is the exact same model as I was using for the last several years. They were an exxy model then, which is why I was surprised replacement blades werent available - but - times change, eh?
Oh well, best get back at it, spring is coming!