Monday, August 27, 2007

Little Wattlebirds' Fledgling

I have to come to terms with the fact that I am not able to get a truly good clear shot of these birds. Which isnt to say that Im not pleased with these - because I am pleased with these! These were hard won shots.

These birds are so intelligent, they know where you are, what youre planning and whether or not you have your camera with you. On the occasions that I had laid in wait long and still enough to fool them into straying into the cameras reach, then dear friends, it was my camera that let me down.

Oh, I know, a poor workman blames his tools yadda yadda - but I swear its true with this Kodak DX6490. Do yourself a favour and dont buy this model unless you plan to only shoot outdoors at noon on the equator (otherwise, there is never enough light for it.) And have I mentioned the shutter lag? You can feel yourself growing older waiting for this thing to take a picture. But in the right conditions, I can get some great shots - just not of Little Wattlebirds!

Anyhow, high above my head this fledgling was having a rest from its flying lessons. The poor dear crashed through the gum tree from limb to limb, with both its parents cheering it on while simultaneously chasing off unrelated birds with dark intentions. (The Butcherbirds appear to be having a convention in my neighborhood this month.)

In the photo below you can see the fledgling asking its parent for a feed, or possibly complaining it wants to go back to the nest now.

Have a great day!


Ces Adorio said...

Hey, these are excellent considering that you have mentioned how elusive these birds are, Lavender. They are very tiny and quite acrobatic. Look at that little one walking up that skinny twig!

Lavender said...

Aw Thanks Ces! I have really applied myself - so I will take these shots and run! :) They actually are larger than they look - they are about 10-12 inches long...these chicks must grow VERY fast in thier nest - which reminds me, I still dont know where the nest is - its well hidden thats for sure!

Anonymous said...

I'm really excited about these shots Lavender! WELL DONE HA-HA!!

Lavender said...

Well coming from you Anon, that is a compliment! :) Happy me! Happy me!

Ces Adorio said...

A footlong is a long bird.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

They are good shots, Lavendar. It must have been tough getting them.

Lavender said...

Ces Oh yes, which is what makes that hovering thing they do so extra amazing!

Captain Thank You Captain! I even had a spider in my hair one morning! (Spiders and I have an ongoing war) Cheers!