Sunday, August 26, 2007

Budgie Sunday - Meet Secondo

Here Secondo is enjoying some celery leaves. He is a Yellow faced Recessive Pied budgie (parakeet). He is about two years old and Uno's brother. By thier names you can tell Uno hatched first, and Secondo second. These names arent my most imaginative, but using Italian makes them sound like they are.

At a glance the two look very similar, but the photo below shows you how to tell them apart. Uno's cere* has a rough texture and is very brown which shows she is a girl. All girl budgies have cere's like this, no matter what variety of budgie they are. But boy recessive pied budgies are different. Secondo's cere is smooth and pinkish, sometimes with a blush of bluey-purple. If Secondo were a 'normal' budgie, his cere would be bright blue.

Secondo also has fewer black dots around his throat, and the last way to tell these two apart: Goliath doesnt spend all day sitting next to Secondo!

He's a very laid back happy chappy that gets along great with anyone. Secondo doesnt have a girlfriend yet, and its about time I found someone for him. I think he'd be a great mate for the right gal.

He does spend alot of time preening his pretty pink feet which is probally his only quirk. His favouite treat is sprouted wheat, with corn kernels as a close second.

Happy Budgie Sunday everyone!

* cere: (pronounced 'sear') The fleshy bit above a birds beak.


Lavender said...

Im off to the aviary for the weekly scrubbing! Looking forward to visiting blogs later - see you there!

Anonymous said...

HA-HA don't remind me about aviary scrub day, at least the sun is shining! I LOVE the last photograph, he will find a girlfriend (maybe with your help) I'm sure! He looks soft :))

Lavender said...

Gday Anon! He is soft and so sweet. I do need a special someone for him, (although I dont plan on breeding him, I still want him to stay a happy chappy!)
Im so HAPPY that the sun is shining!

As a side note to the "Budgie-Curious"... equal numbers of boys and girls keeps the peace. If you have too many of one or the other, they will fight. And curiously, too many girls is way worse than too many boys.

Snoskred said...

I like a man who looks after their feet. ;) Maybe it's just me.. ;) hehe


Lavender said...

Hi Snoskred, Well then this is your bird! :) Have a great weekend, looking forward to catching your weekly round up!

Ces Adorio said...

Here birdie birdie, here birdie birdie!

Lovely birds. Do they all stay in one big aviary dormitory room or do they have private quarters?

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Uno & Secondo are actually imaginaive names. I like the Italian slant there.

Lavender said...

Ces One big aviary...its loud, but never boring! :)

Captain LOL I bet if I went back to teaching myself Italian, I could find a whole bunch of great names tehehe

Ces Adorio said...

Must be a beautiful room and I love the imagining the abundance of life, color and sounds (But I think there is bird poopy, too :-))

Lavender said...

Hahaha, oh yes, theres plenty of that! But thats the beauty of having the aviary in the back garden, it all just washes out to feed the plants tehehe!