Thursday, August 30, 2007

I'd never come down

In our travels yesterday, we ran across a parasailing club doing thier terribly groovy thing. It looked effortless. Strap yourself in, fluff out your sail, walk off the edge of the cliff - and youre soaring!

Waiting for the truck with the materials for the new fence, once its here we are going to haul. Looking forward to a proper browse tommorrow - in the meantime - Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

uh....I would never go up! lol!! As lovely and fun as it looks, I would be puking my eyeballs out since I am so incredibly afraid of heights!lol!

Ces Adorio said...

Their parasails look like birds. I would be too scared to do this for fear I might land on something sharp!

BetteJo said...

Wait! It looks like that guy is in a nice comfy seat! What happened to hanging in the air by a harness? Not any less dangerous, but it sure looks a bit more luxurious!

Anonymous said...

Oh haha ... even small boy scouts do that down under Ces! I had an X who never walked again after parasailing but now he is a deep sea diver! Great shots Lavender!

Lavender said...

Jenny My DH isnt crazy about heights either, and Im not sure he was too happy with my expression of interest! LOL I think it would be magnificent to do, but then, Im old enough now to wonder if Id really still have what it takes to do such a daring deed LOL!

Ces Well Ces, that sounds like a pretty sensible thing to wary of. I did notice that the packs that they carry thier sails in, which then becomes thier harness as you see in the pics - well, that looked really well padded, and wondered if it didnt double as a cushion for rough landings :)
Some of these 'pack/harnessess' made the riders look like Nautilus shells - Air Nautilus? Tehehe

BetteJo I wondered that too! As it turns out, the rigid winged ones where you sort of lie fully out in a (less comfy looking) harness are paragliders (or hang-gliders), where these are parasails - there were paragliders there too! There were maybe 25 parasailers and 5 paragliders - it was quite a site to see!
The set up and take off the the gliders was alot more complicated looking than these - and youre so right - it did look more luxuirous AND more fun! LOL

Anon Ouch Anon, that must have been a very tough time for him (and you too!)...and yet its inspiring to hear that he has found another sport despite, I admire that! I imagine sea diving would be really liberating under those circumstances - Cool!

kj said...

i wish i could do this, lavender. i would be so scared, but i wish i could. it's as close to flying as a human can get.

hey, good luck with your fence. i hope you love it!


Barkfoot said...

I'm jealous when I watch the parasailers on the Welsh mountains, I have to walk down but they land next to their cars. I often take the parachute flying in the park, but it isn't the same when you're tethered to the front of a car!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

It might look a long way up, but it would look a lot further looking down!

Lavender said...

KJ Nothing wrong with a bit of fear - it keeps us alive! Hehehe I agree - its as close to flying as we could as a bird!

Barkfoot Tethered sailing would probally be an excellent way to 'learn the ropes' LOL! Im sure the Welsh mountains are a gorgeous place to soar above.

Captain Youre so not kidding there Captain! When I skydived once it was positively terrifying to look down, your gut instinct just SCREAMS for you not to do it.....once youre over that and your chute is open - then its all pure fun!

Muharrem Salaş said...
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