Monday, August 6, 2007

Tips for growing Cymbidium orchids

Australia's spring is heralded by the wattles and cymbidium orchids. Heres one from our collection, which grows in a pot under a gum tree in the backyard.

'Cymbids' are super easy to grow, and are available at most large garden centres. We bring plants in flower into the house, but when the blossoms have finished they go back outside.

  • Place your cymbid under a tree where it will recieve full morning sun, and dappled light for the rest of the day.
  • Keep moist but not wet.
  • The absolute easiest way to keep them fed is with slow release granules which are formulated for orchids.
  • We also like to use liquid blood and bone, and pretty much feed all our orchids whenever we think of it.

Cymbidiums come in a wide range of colours, and thier tall spikes of bloom are always breathtaking. If you dont find one you like at the garden centre, there are specialist growers all over the world. Find them with Google, or your local yellow pages.


Anonymous said...

These look like my 'Butternut' ones which haven't flowered yet Lavender! Cymbids are always impressive! Yearly visiting an Orchid Show can be very rewarding (one orchid each to go home with isn't too indulgent is it?) :)

Nick Phillips said...

Lavender, my wife loves flowers and she's just gonna love those pictures of the flowers you posted here. I'm gonna tell her to visit your blog. Happy Monday.

Lavender said...

Anon, yes! Thats a great way to pick up some lovely plants! Its been awhile since we went to or showed at one, and Id forgotten all about that, Ta!

Nick - aw, some 'cyber fleurs' for your Mrs, clever guy!

Anonymous said...

Those are spectacular. I have always had a fondness for stargazer lillies and always have some in the planted around our big wraparound front porch. They always bloom around the 4th of July and smell wonderful. They have been replaced as my favorite by German Irises, which I also have planted around the front porch, and are beautiful May bloomers.

Lavender said...

Ah, yes, Lillies are fantastic plants, and the Stargazers are magnificent! I was always fond of Turks Cap lillies, and wish I could find some here in Australia. If youre looking for some tall show stoppers for the back of your border - get yourself some Turks Caps!
Sounds like your porch is a beautiful place to spend a summer afternoon. Thanks for stopping by!