Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday, Budgie Sunday...Goldie's Chicks June 10th

Here they are today! Arent they adorable? The Fab Five are moving right along, growing well and learning that life wont always be so sweet. Momma Goldie is no longer sleeping in the nest with them at night, and she and Daddy Freebird have started 'encouraging' the eldest to leave the nest.

The eldest chick is now 34 days, and the youngest 24 days. The eldest chick is flying well, but really wants to pretend its still a helpless baby and gets itself back in the nest whenever possible.

I was able to get a nice shot of 'eldest' while he was out of the nest this morning.

Eldest chicks out of nest pic

Excuse me while I play the proud grandmother here for a moment - isnt this the sweetest little baby bird you ever saw?

Looks like its time to start thinking of names for my new friends.

Have a great sunday!


Anonymous said...

My goodness. They grew so quick!

Dr. Brainiac said...

Aren't they adorable? I miss keeping pet birds, but I make up for it by feeding the wild seed-eaters and hummingbirds that live here.