Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blithering blogger

Ive been making myself dizzy surfing all over the net looking at hundreds of blogs. Its amazing whats out there, from the wonderfully informative to the hopelessly self-indulgent. Im not naming names, (at least not yet), and its up to you if this blog fits in either of those two categories.

Personally, I like to keep my posts 'short and sweet'. When Im reading blogs I find that I can get antsy if a post is too long. My main problem is Im interested in too many things. So there are many, many blogs that I like to read. But heck, Ive only got so many hours in the day, and I assume you've no more than I do. (Naturally, some topics will require a longer post, and really interesting content hardly ever seems 'too long'.)

While Im running from blog to blog, I like to leave as many comments as I can. Now I have the impression that some of the comments Ive made in the last few days of marathon blog reading may have come across as...less than intelligent?

So I wonder, regarding comments, is it better to make a less than stellar comment, than to make no comment at all? What do you think?


Flo said...

I've wondered the same thing. Should I leave a comment just to leave a comment or should I not leave a comment if I don't have anything particularly insightful to say??? It's a puzzler.

Anonymous said...

Well the comment you left at my site made perfect sense! At least to me! ;) Thanks for the visit :)

Erica said...

I'm also flitting from blog to blog trying to follow as many as I can (and I like them short on words, big on pictures.)
There are times when I just want to say a couple of words of comment, then I think it might sound a bit silly so I don't leave any - but I know we all thrive on comments and I like getting them too so maybe we should just go with our instincts and not try to make each comment something deep and meaningful (VBG)

BTW I found you by following bead links, I think it's also interesting how people find you

Snoskred said...

I wrote an article on Challenging Yourself To Comment which was guest posted on another blog.

I've done a few comment challenges now, and it's taught me a lot about myself and also about what to say to strangers. ;)

Even just saying "I just dropped in and thought I'd say hi" is a good comment to leave. ;)

Me personally I read a lot of blogs, somewhere around over 200 each day - but they don't all post each day - and when I read something in my google reader that I have a thought about, or it makes me think, or I think I might have something useful to add, I drop by and comment. Some days I don't have as much time as I would like to do it. Every six months or so I like to drop past all the blogs I read to let them know I'm still reading, in case they forgot. ;)

The commenting challenge I am doing at the moment has been the hardest one yet for many reasons but it is worth doing. I'm intending an Aussie blogs comment marathon next. ;)

Peter Haslam said...

I like my visitors to comment as I usually take a look at their blog and have found interesting ones I would not have found otherwise

Jenny said...

I totally understand what you are saying! I like posts that are short and to the point also. And I, like you, enjoy a wide variety of topics! lol!

I try to leave more than an "atta girl" or "atta boy" when I comment...I can kinda tell when I do something like Wordless Wednesday and people are just trying to reach their commenting goal for the day! lol!!

But then again...sometimes it's nice to know someone has visited!

Jenny said...

BTW, thanks for the flooble info. I've been using flooble for my sidebar blogrolls...the expandable content bar... but I can't find the one that you are using...what am I missing??

Lavender said...

snoskred, that article is dynamite! Monday Im going to write on comments again, and I will put the link to that in the post - brilliant. Thanks for stopping by, Cheers!

Lavender said...

jdoriot - Im sorry thats not working, and I think I sent you in the wrong direction - will try to contact you with the info via mybloglog - give me a shout if you dont hear from me? Cheers!

Sharon Hurley Hall said...

I must admit that sometimes I leave if all I have to say is 'nice post'. However, sometimes I think it's important to let the blogger know I have appreciated the writing. Have you come across ClickComments? I've got it on my blog - it's a way to register what you think without leaving a comment and it seems right for these situations.