Friday, June 22, 2007

Do Follow Blogs - Im one, are you?

Learn more at Randa Clay Designs

When you leave a comment on someones blog, it leaves them a link back to your profile for them to follow to visit yours. Nifty! But it doesnt count as a link for your blog -in search engine terms- because the templates most of us use, have a speck of code that prohibits that. How would you like to get around that?

Easy to understand instructions have been already been written by people more qualified than I am - so heres three links to get you started. Everything you need is on these three pages. Right, off you go then!

I follow at Randa Clay Designs
D-List at Courtney Tuttle
Removing 'nofollow' at Dummies Guide to Google Blogger

I do have comment moderation enabled, and I recomend that you do that too. We want to share links not spam. My comments policy is simple:

"Comments on this blog are made DOFOLLOW for the Google Spiders. Comments are moderated. Spam will not be tolerated."

That covers me from the spammers. With the comment moderation enabled, I have a chance to check out your blog before allowing the link to go live.

Yes folks! That means Im going to visit your blog if you leave a comment here.

Have fun on the net - and stay safe out there.

Aug 07 Edit: The comments policy is now displayed on the comment entry screen, and is worded largely the same as it is here - Cheers!


Jenny said...

Hi there! Just going through my Do Follow BlogRoll and visiting everyone!

Jenny said... did you do your neat blogroll??

Cafe_Cafe said...

That kind of info is really valuable. I´ll change my template right now to follow comments.
Thanks a lot and feel free to visit me any day to have some fun.

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Duane said...


Anonymous said...

Hi! Saw you at my Cafe Romanza site and followed you here :D

You won't regret going DoFollow. It has helped my blogs a lot, drawing in wonderful readers.

By the way, your beads are beautiful! And so are your birds!

admin said...

Thanks for the visit and commenting as well. Love your beads

Anonymous said...


I’m keeping an updated Do Follow List on my site and since yours is do-follow as well, I want to ask you if you want to join my list too.
There are over 220 websites featured here, so go on and start commenting on those appealing to you.

Let me know!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the list! :)


Lavender said...

Brilliant! Good work Nick!