Monday, June 25, 2007

The Cure for "Comment Anxiety"

My recent post Blithering Blogger recieved a gem of a comment from Snoskred. She'd recently written a guest post for FreshBlogger entitled Challenging Yourself to Comment.

If you ever found yourself hesitating to leave a comment on a blog, this article will snap you out of it. Kudos, Snoskred, and many Thanks!


Snoskred said...

Aww thanks! ;)


Peter Haslam said...

That was a good redirect enjoyed both posts as I had yesterday written about the same thing from a different angle. Some good comments

Anonymous said...

Refreshing to see a blog with interesting content as well as a passion for connecting to others. Long live comments!

Lavender said...

snoskred - it really is a good article, the pleasure is all mine to pass it on.

Peter - glad you enjoyed it, your post Net Etiquette has inspired me to improve my comment practice - Thank You!

visualblip - The feeling is mutual!

phishez said...

Hehe, his chin looks like testicles.

Lavender said...

You know, I hadnt noticed that before, but youre right! LOL