Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday, Budgie Sunday...Goldie's Chicks June 3rd

Hi Everyone, can you believe how fast they grow?

The eldest chick is in the upper left hand corner, under the youngest one. The eldest is now 27 days old, and the youngest is 17 days old.

Im kinda sorry that I started blogging about this clutch, as I have some sad news. If you are the sensitive sort, enjoy the picture and please dont read any further.

If you look at the white chick closely (click on the pic for a better view), you will see that there is something wrong with its legs. This is commonly referred to as "splay". The legs work, and have some good strength in them, but they are at a totally wrong angle to the body.

What causes it depends on many things, and in the end, it doesnt really matter. Birds are not designed to rest on thier breastbones, and there is no way he can stand. He is currently making his way around the nest box by using his wings. Leaving him to let nature take its course would be a far worse fate. So tommorrow I will take the little soldier to the Vet. There will be no more suffering.

So when you see them next sunday, there will just be five. Sometimes things just dont work out. Thats true with birds, beads...and people. Be good to yourself today.

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