Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Wattle Bird gives us a look in

Literally! Lucky I had the camera in my hand. I had been trying to shoot other birds from the kitchen window, when I wandered into the lounge room and saw this familiar face looking in at me!

He is perched in the Calistemon, or Bottle Brush tree that hosted a swarm of bees (for two days) a while back. Also the very same tree that my Stanhopea Occulata and Encyclia Cochleata reside in.

I said "QUOCK!" and he looked straight at me and opened his beak as if to reply. But alas, the moment was lost when suddenly Priapus could take no more. The furred one launched himself upward, and abruptly made bone crunching contact with the glass.

The bird had naturally flown off. I shook my head at the crumpled mass on the floor. The blighter was already putting on a show to say "I meant that to happen.".

Nearby, Aurora flexed the claws of one paw out into the air, saying "Oh, we believe you." Then after a quick backstretch added, "Thousands wouldnt!"


Im going to try to blog everyday. I have made some great strides with my giant backlog of photos, and so have lots I can use here. So fingers crossed the routine of blogging will be good for my brain.

Also, I am trying to get out of the house for a half hour during the brightest part of the day - hey, they sun has actually been out for two days running - makes a change.


Barkfoot said...

It's nice to see the little Wattle friend back.
Getting out the house and catching some sunlight will do you the world of good I'm sure. The constant gloom of winter does nothing to motivate one to get on out there, but the effort always seems to pay dividends. Not long now until the Solstice, and from then on it can only improve.

kj said...

hello lavender! i need to do some catching up here. i hope you are kicking some action up and around.

when you have a chance, would you stop by my blog to pick up a heart-filled award from me to you?


Young Werther said...

Hiya Lav, good to see you back on your toes :)

You're quite an expert with plants, can you shed any light on this weed(?


BetteJo said...

Awesome pics of the little wattle bird! Love the depiction of the cats. Dead on. :)

Oh and .. sunshine makes everything better, doesn't it?

TC said...


Here's a big male sooty wattle, Pacific Coast highlands variety, obviously a VERY distant cousin. They are shy and secretive and if you say "QUOCK!" will doubtless migrate even higher up into the snows...

Message in the Forest

TC said...

Oh my, Lavender, I don't know whether to blame the Depression of your head cold or my own collapsing cerebrum, but I have confused a wattle with a grouse. Unforgiveable. Possibly terminal. Very sorry.

Your wattles are wonderful. (That came out sounding wrong, in fact I should probably take this whole comment over to Oculus Sinister, where it would fit right in...)