Friday, June 26, 2009

I hab a code in my nose

A canna lilly from late summer. Id tell you which one, but I bought it on ebay, and its definately NOT the one I bargained for. Wont buy plants online again! Good thing its pretty.

Ive come down with a head cold. Im hoping all the sitting and staring and not caring is at least partly due to that, and not all the new med. Iam still very flat.

For example, yesterday I went to feed the Budgies, and discovered that Freebird had died in the night. My only reaction was to get the shovel and bury him. Just seems a bit odd, cold even, to be so disconnected from one's emotions.

I cant live flatline and inert. The universe is not set up for me to sit and watch TV all day. The 30 day trial continues.


BetteJo said...

That IS a beautiful flower!

Head colds suck, hope it passes soon as well as the waiting game. Hope that starts to show positive results soon.

Mariana Soffer said...

Beautiful, intresting emotions observation.
Wasn't the bird killed by the cat on the post below this one?

kj said...

no my darling lavender, no flatline for you, instead freebird.

time and insistence will get you the right meds. don't give up.


Anonymous said...

That lily is stunning! Which one did you think you were purchasing? Hard to imagine it could beat this one. Take care of that cold!

TC said...

Hi Lavender,

Well, it appears we like some of the same things. Want to share?

Here are some beauteous budgies:

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Here's a white dove:

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Here are some other birds:


I will spare you links to my million other bird posts. Anyway by now they may all have been consumed by my myriad cat posts. Here are but a few.

Some big and little cats:

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Thanks, chirp, and meow. Thanks for your blog and your time!

Barkfoot said...

Colds can have a real effect on ones emotions. I always notice the mental symptoms (lethargy, annoyance, don't give a damness, and driving crap) long before the cold shows up.
Sorry to hear about the little chappy.

Melanie said...

Colds are definately mood modifiers. The head is too full of lurgies and lurgy fighters to concentrate on anything more than eat *** and sleep. As is always with colds, its just bad timing.