Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sticky Beak, by any name

The Eastern Spinebill, enjoying our ever popular Grevilliea Scarlet Sprite. Apparently this is THE nectar to get through the winter on. I have more shots which better illustrate this incredibly handsome fella, but I couldnt resist sharing these more candid shots with you.

More info: Eastern Spinebill at Birds in Backyards

I frequently call the Spinebill a Nuthatch. This is a throwback to my days in my Country of Origin. Similarly, there are still times I find myself walking to the wrong side of the car. (Either to the drivers side when I am a passenger, or to the passengers side when I am driving).


BetteJo said...

Love the pics - beautiful with the little splash of color the blossum gives. I don't know how you ever got used to driving or riding on the wrong side of the car! You must be more adaptable than I am. :)

TC said...


Lovely little spinebills.

Stickybeak the honeyeater appears to have found something even tastier than honey

The species name in Latin means spine bill and the genus name in Greek means narrow bill, which of course is the same name twice.

The nuthatches don't have the hooked-scimitar bill, but nonetheless seeing this

White-Breasted Nuthatch Lunch

makes one think the spiney bill is for the nuthatch as well as the spinebill so much more salient a feature (at least when having lunch) as to make that a better name for the bird by half.

Colours so different though, the spinebill having that lovely greybrown/pale cinnamon mix with the rich rufous splash at the nape, almost ruby-coloured. (Did any of your other spinebill shots happen to taken from round the back?)

(As nuthatches occur virtually everywhere on earth from Mexico to northern Canada to Africa to the Himalayas to Southeast Asia, that is a pretty broad hint... which side do they drive on in Outer Mongolia?)

Mariana Soffer said...

I really like those birds, My dad was a bird watcher, so he used to go in excursions to human empty places, where he unfolded his lenses and just stared at the feathers.

Bhavesh Chhatbar said...

WOW! Beautiful photograph!!

Damn Dam — Khadakwasla

Melanie said...

Very handsome little bird. I am starting to think that all of the cool birds live at your house and just fly over mine to get to yours.

Hey, my husband still goes to the wrong side of the car every now and then after 10 yrs and I find it thoroughly entertaining hehe.

Michael said...

Beautiful pics!!

That flower reminds me of a honeysuckle... I haven't had one of those forever!!

Michael said...

Beautiful pics!!

That flower reminds me of a honeysuckle... I haven't had one of those forever!!

Barkfoot said...

Superb pictures. You've got a real talent for capturing birds... (that doesn't sound right... not literally, I mean with a camera, not a net!)
At least when you walk to the car door its your own. I recently tried the door handle of my car, only to find it oddly locked. A rather scared lady glared at me through the glass. My car was parked opposite...