Monday, May 25, 2009

Bonne Chance: Flophouse Digs

Its been raining heavily for days and days. Although we are lucky we are not in one of the flooded towns, I still worried about our "Outside" cat, Bonne Chance. He didnt seem to be using any of the little houses I set up for him, and since this rain, he had been showing up soaked to his skin.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Years ago we had made this large carpet covered plywood box as part of a cat gym/scratching post for our indoor cats. But it had fallen out of favour with them, and was replaced. Stubbing my toes on it in the night for about the thousandth time, I had a lightbulb moment.

There is practically nothing that cant be fixed with a tarp and a roll of duct tape, (okay, sometimes you have to add a wire coat hanger). A plan was hatched to put into action the following morning. Damn. I really am a crazy cat lady.

He does sleep in it at night, and leaves reluctantly in the morning when he hears us up and about in the house in the morning.

Meant to blog long before this, but suddenly find myself doing stuff. Some of said stuff is totally crazy (cleaning frenzies, nearly ready for a House Beautfiul spread), and some is kinda fun (making myself some PJ's).

And since last Friday there have been some hours where I felt happy, albeit between hours of feeling decidedly NOT happy, but like I say, 'a win is a win'.

I found myself a bit wary of these happy feelings, I suppose because they are so alien to me, but although I joke* about it, Im not unhappy to feel happy.

Yes, I agree. "...not unhappy to feel happy..." does sound a tad suss.

Oh well, never mind!

* Think Monty Python and the Holy Grail: 'Bring out your dead' scene:

"I feel happy!!! I feel happy!!!!"
"I dont want to go on the cart!!!"


kj said...

aww, lavender. i can see your smiling face thinking about being happy.

i think you have fallen in love with a certain cat...

and i think that is wonderful.


BetteJo said...

Crazy cat lady indeed! At least he's getting out of the weather for a while. He's going to have to start trusting you soon, what with all the nice things you're doing for him. Glad you're experiencing some happy too - even if it's in fits and starts. Enjoy!

my budgies said...

hi Lavender - it's mybudgies here again.
i stopped the old blog cos of misuse of the comments section. i have restarted with just a photo-blog of my budgies and comment moderator is on.
luv your cat pix and the orchids are simply stunning.

Donni said...

methinks courting cat is also your courting happy feelings
same process