Sunday, May 17, 2009

Lost name, still lovely

Neither of us can remember, with any degree of certainty, the name of this one. Pity, that.


All these gorgeous orchids in bloom do take the mind off one's angst for a few moments at a time. But earlier today, I had the distinct sensation of a large weight being dropped on me, I havent been able to shake the wierd feeling of being pushed downdowndown...or figure out where it has come from. If I consider that it could be a purely chemical thing, and not triggered by anything in particular, it just seems to me to be - unlikely.


BetteJo said...

I don't know. But - maybe a good time to stay close to The Most DH.

kj said...

time for a hug lavender. can you feel it?

be patient. with yourself. with time. remember what i said on my blog a while back:
you're not the problem.
the problem is the problem.

love you

sandy said...

I wonder, if you are empathic, and feel the weight of world events....

beautiful photo.

Young Werther said...

A lovely colour! Wish I could touch just to make sure it's not a silk flower :)

Barkfoot said...

The velvety texture of the petals always makes me want to touch.
That downdowndown feeling merely a symptom. A symptom to be recognised for what it is, and if possible put to one side. Easier said than done, I know. Concentrate on the flowers and not the thorns...

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my budgies said...

depressive episodes are the pits. they don't make sense in our rational world view. they are a mood, often with a real physical brain chemistry problem, i think.
it's good to talk about it - to sort out that the thing is in you and not because of someone/thing else.
having joy, love and beauty in your life helps, but makes it also harder to fathom when you have a down time.
remembering the good times/things helps to dispel the down times quicker. stress and physical problems just add to the strain.
having a purpose also helps - whether its keeping pets, running a business or being a parent/partner/friend, these keep one going.
i always remember "this, too, shall pass". it helps.
ps luv your photos. great cat, luv cats.

my budgies said...

oh, and ditto Sandy - being empathic does certainly make you feel the weight of the world/other people from time to time - turn off the news and play with your pets instead.