Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Persephone of the Storm Water Drains

(((Nom, nom, nom.)))

Hey, wait a feels like someone is watching me!


Um, lady, Bonne Chance said I could have his leftovers.

She doesnt come everyday, and when she does, it is always at odd times. When she finished her snack, I watched her as she slunk a few houses away, and then down the storm water drain.

Leaving the ache in my heart aside for as long as I can; I found myself wondering about the personality (cat-ality?) that chooses life in the storm water drains vs the one who chooses life on the 'surface'.

Or perhaps it has less to do with the lifestyle either place offers, and more to do with taste, ie: a preference for rat, over bird. (I could go on, but its sad enough that I spend time thinking about these things, without spending an equal amount of time writing it all down.)


Indeed Bonne Chance is not at all bothered by Persephone. Which leads me to further conjecture, (of which you shall also be spared).

However, Aurora is heartbroken. Untill Persephone started showing up, Aurora was always happy to sit at the window and admire Bonne Chance. But no more. Now she is pissed. Theres only a few reasons why a 'woman' gets that mad at a 'man'.


Yesterday, I had the screen door open for some fresh air. As I passed the door around early evening, I saw Bonne Chance on the garden path, and when he saw me he walked quickly up the steps and right up to the screen door, I was so happy! I felt this was a great sign of progress, at last!

But then!! Aurora came charging down the hall hissing and spitting and hit the metal screen door at speed. BAM!!

Luckily for me, Bonne Chance only took a few steps backward and hissed a reply to her. I hope it wont cool his enthusiasm for interacting with me. I couldnt tell this morning as the poor guy was dripping with rain and therefore too grumpy to tell. Fingers crossed for dinner!


Persephone, Queen of the Underworld at Wikipedia


Barkfoot said...

The third picture down is a classic. I love that "what the 'eck is that look".
Sounds as if you're making good progress with Bonne Chance. I'm sure a bit of cat to cat conflict won't phase him at all.

BetteJo said...

I love the pics and your narration! I smiled through this post because of the sweet kitty, but also because naming a cat Persephone and saying things like 'nom nom nom!' brings my daughter to mind. :)

Unknown said...

I agree with bettejo! The pics are so cool! In pics itself, you can already know what the story really is. Nice!

Nick Phillips said...

I've got a whole load of cats that make my backyard their own that I've taken to giving them names :D

Cool pix btw ...

Melanie said...

it was your posts that inspired me to use my cat for his "cat-ality" because you can capture so much in their faces. I am loving your cat posts. oh wouldnt a kitty cam be fantastic for persephone!