Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Who wants to be tagged? Im looking for 8 volunteers to blog 8 random things about themselves, and tag eight others to do the same - Whos game?


Anonymous said...

I'm game!! I'll stop by and leave another comment when I got my 8 things up. I love memes, great idea for this one!

Karen said...

oh I'll definitely do it...but can I use my tribe blog instead of my blogger one ? (it's Werther's turn to update but he's quite slow...I've been distracting him too much, poor thing :) )

what do I do ?

Lavender said...

Funniest Joke - Im sorry I wasnt clearer - Ive been tagged for 8 random things about myself and 5 jobs Id like to have and I dont know what the etiquette is - so I thought Id put this message out to see who would like to do it, rather than just foist it off on folks - still - I'll tag ya! Will contact you via your blog with details! Thanks!!!!

Lavender said...

Aoide - that would be fine - I will contact you via Werthers comments to follow up - looking forward to seeing your other blog!

Karen said...

lol it's


I think, anyway - very new to blogging :)

Lavender said...

Got cha! Havent worked on Tribe before, so I will explore that a bit, will leave you message over there when ready to rock and roll!
see you soon!