Monday, July 30, 2007

10 things I hate

Ive been tagged again, this time for the 10 things I hate meme by Nick of Anything Goes!

I grumble alot, so this should be a piece of cake for me.

1) Slugs and Snails in the garden. Where did that blue tounge lizard go that used to keep these blighters in check? Is he coming back this spring? Or do I break down and buy some slug bait?

2) Nightly news & current affairs tv shows. Distressing, depressing, disgusting. Which reminds me. When I took journalisim in high school, they said you only report the facts: Who, What, Where, When & Why, and keep your own opinion out of it. I wonder how they teach it now?

3) Businesses with no customer service. Today marks two weeks Ive been waiting for an email from Fiskars Australia regarding replacement blades for my secateurs. TWO WEEKS and I still dont have an answer, or a hope of one. Three hardware stores couldnt tell me if Fiskars sells replacement blades. Fiskars says they do, but have to send me a code to take with me back to the hardware store, so they can order them from Fiskars. What a load of - used food! (All sorted out, Thank You Fiskars!)

4) Days when the numbness in my hands extends up my arms. I call them "flipper" days. Imagine a seal trying to make a cup of coffee, or answer emails. I am learning to handle frustration, its a humbling experience.

5) Idiots who set off fireworks in the night. It sends my birds into a panic. They take off at full speed and crash into the aviary wire. Usually they are killed instantly from injuries to thier skulls. Last night a hen broke a wing, and we are waiting for it to be time to go to the vet to have her put down. So will pass ChickChick, and for what good reason? None.

6) Teenagers who end every sentence with " but ".

7) The Australian Labour Party.

8) Doctors who make you wait an hour past your appointment time, and then rush you out like a leper.

9) Television commercials for feminine hygiene products. And shampoo. And, oh bother! TV commercials in general!

10) Tagging other people for memes! The link is always nice, but I always feel like Im sending a chain letter or something...let me know if you like being tagged!

Pictured budgie is ChickChick, from a happier moment last month.


Lavender said...

The deed is done, and ChickChick has been buried in the sunny spot next to those glorious purple irises I had a picture of earlier.
I pity the idiot who set off the fireworks - if I find him I will probally end up on the nightly news myself.
Lets all have a good day to spite them!

Nick Phillips said...

Oh, I know what you mean about people who set fireworks off. We have loads of idiots like that here.

Lavender said...

Thanks Nick! You know on holidays Im ready for it, dont like it, but knowing it might happen I can make arrangements for the birds...but on a random sunday at 3am - grrr!
Glad its not just me tho!

Anonymous said...

Your birds are beautiful. We recently bought a blue and gold macaw who is absolutely fantastic.

Fits right in!

Lavender said...

Wow a macaw - what a magnificent bird! That must be a major commitment, but very rewarding - good on ya!
Thanks for stopping by!

Barkfoot said...

Sorry to hear about ChickChick, I still miss my Lovebird 'Fred' even though it has been some years now.
I know what you mean about the 'chain letter' feeling, but I think people realise that no offence will be taken if you don't tag or respond.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

These could have been listed in the weekend's TWQ I featured.

The fireworks anger me as well.

Sharon said...

Yeah where do the lizards go when they're needed. I manage to find every grasshopper in my garden but the lizards are never around to gulp them up?

No interest in being tagged but it is interesting to read the answers of others. Out of curiosity why is it called a meme?

Lavender said...

Hi Barkfoot, Thank you, Fred must have been a great bird to be so well remembered. 'Little things' mean alot ;) Also thanks for re: chain letters - I appreciate that!

Morning Captain, glad its not just me re fireworks! Im a couple days behind on my blog reading - hope to catch your TWQ + today, see you there!

Hi Sharon - grasshoppers can be very destructive cant they, I cant imagine theyd be very yummy - even for a lizard! - but I hope a lizard will help you soon!

Ive tried to find an article I saw ages ago, but cant find it anywhere - if I remember correctly, they call them "memes" partly as a play on the word theme, and partly because they are all about the writer - as in Me! Me!.....wish I could find the article for you - hope that helps!

Anonymous said...

hehe, i like the no. 7...

nice blog, keep it on...

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about ChickChick, Lavender ... and physical limitations are a pain!

Lavender said...

Hi Rus - Glad you liked that, thank you for your kind comment. Hope you visit again!

Lavender said...

Gday Anon! Thank you, and aint they what! Lovely Egret pics over on yours today, well done!

Aunt Jackie said...

OOoh! I lover your 10 Things you hate... I agree with alot of that.

Found your blog from "Over Coffee".

Beautiful beads!

Lavender said...

Thanks for stopping by Aunty, and for commenting. Glad that Im not the only one who finds these things less than fun!

Ces Adorio said...

Hey, I love this list. Why are they setting off fireworks in July?

Lavender said...

Hey Ces! No reason for the fireworks other than to upset people or ??? 3am it was, and not a holiday or anything. A little too early in the morning for wayward teens too - so - ((sigh)) Anyhow, thanks for listening.