Thursday, July 5, 2007

3 columns and blog withdrawl

The other day I displayed my How Addicted to Blogging are you? stats. And we all had a good laugh, didn't we?

Got the notice from my ISP that Im about to exceed my download limit for the month. Now, Im lucky that that only means two days, I realize that. But - TWO DAYS!! What am I going to do with myself with limited bandwidth to use for TWO WHOLE DAYS! Im in withdrawl already!

Not so funny now, eh? All joking aside, if you miss me from your blog during this time, or if I dont get comments out as per usual - rest assured, I will be back soon!

I got the tutorial for this three column layout from Tips for new Bloggers. Of all the ones I looked at, this one seemed the clearest and easiest to understand. I still have some tweaking to do here, but Im pretty pleased with it so far.

Todays picture is of a bead I made last January, named 'Dream'. My friend Terri swapped me one of her gorgeous floral beads for it. I love a large freeform organic focal, and they are what I do best. Im looking forward to getting back on the torch one of these days soon - come on Spring!


Ces Adorio said...

That was a very good three column tutorial Lavender. I was able to follow it. Now I have three columns. Thanks to you for the heads up. Oh my how beautiful this bead is and I also notice your other beads. These are jewels.

Anonymous said...

Most beautiful bead Lavender ... it's lavender! Emu oil might help with Winter aches and pains, maybe during your two days of withdrawal the emus could help with making a new bead? Would torching the work area help warm things up? Hehhehee

Karen said...

oh, pretty bead !

I've loved glass since I was little - I have a huge sea glass collection that I've been working on for years, and my kitchen windows are all lined with various cobalt blue glass objects I've picked up. I also have a pretty good Swarovski collection, though mostly gifts and mostly from a while ago. Oh, and I'm a big Dale Chihuly fan .

So yeah, I love glass :)

kj said...

hello lavender, i am visiting from anon's blog. i'll look forward to reading some of your prior posts.

i have a friend who does flamed glasswork. i think it's a beautiful medium.


Lavender said...

Heres hoping my comments are 'better late than never' lol..

Ces Excellent! I will be over to see it in a beads, thank you! I do enjoy making them, its almost like meditation and Im missing that.

Anon Thanks so much x2! I will have to try that emu oil, maybe my good bird karma will give it a boost too!

aoide Cool! Im a 'glassie'
too, and I LOVE doing 'window treatments' with the stuff - Chihuly (sigh) something to aspire to!

kjI shall have to return the favour today - see you there!

Young Werther said...

Ah..I see my love Aoide, has already left a comment but I feel I must add my two cents...I too have an intense dislike for my ISP, (28.8k is two yards short of a trickle) but then I suppose, there is no one to blame but myself ;)

Lavender said...

Oh my, how have you avoided going stark raving mad? Good to hear from you - hang in there!